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When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I got busted drawing in the house on the wall, mom got nothing happy about it and ordered me:
”Take this Kleenex and wipe this mess off my wall boy!”

That was my motivator to design my pathway into the nerd-verse surrounded by a tons of comic books and cartoons.

Fast forwarding to a few years before my graduation, my dad realized:

”Your profession is that one of the love at first sight...”
More than a few years later, I had my Eureka moment and I realized myself Designing Love at First Sight

Turns out that I became a Lead Product Designer with 20+ years of experience in UI/UX design, branding and illustration, working with many of the world’s leading brands associated with global consultancies to deliver great expertise and visual solutions to help bring their strategic campaigns to life always, aiming for user experience and business needs.

My core areas of expertise also includes:
• Visual Design
• Editorial Design
• Infographics and Rich Pictures

In my own company I have been working in diverse business sectors including Healthcare, Technology, Media, Financial Services, Retail, Mining and Consultancy Services.

I have a strong background in visual and UI design, and I love to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams. As a lifelong learner I’m interested in management and the strategic aspects of the business. Over the last 2 years I've been enhancing presentations, user journeys and client workflow as a contractor at McKinsey, attending around 250+ projects so far.

If you catch me outside of work you will find a full time father, pretty much nerdy, willing to learn new things and engaged to lift myself out of the comfort zone.

I’m always focusing on doing great design work.
I'm available for a talk, get in touch.


Gustavo is one of our longest standing freelancers and is truly part of the Ludic team. He works with us for several years already in a very of design projects and is very familiar with most of our client’s branding and style. He’s also our main “go to” person when we have a a new rich picture – a lot of our portfolio is actually done by his hands. His strengths lie on illustration and design of graphics. in our team, he’s known for being super quick on the illustrator.

Luis Rosenthal

Senior Manager in Collaboration & Innovation at KPMG UK

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