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The Plaza Group

#UX #UI #Visual Design

The Plaza Group, an international petrochemical marketing company, minority-owned, based in Houston, Texas, a platform that offered chemical products and solutions to the global enterprise audience. They contacted me to upgrade their website, which had been online for almost 20 years without visual adequacy nor content updates.

The initial scope was only the creation of a mobile version, the company was aiming for a better ranking in Google search engine.



Analyzing content, visuals and embedded technology of the site, I understood that a complete reformulation would be necessary.

I've created wireframes, conceptual visual design and prototypes. I lead the core solution design team collaborating with the development team. I also handled branding and UI design needs, and produced all the graphics, such as iconography and imagery assets.

We changed and brought their UI a new concept as well as implemented a better CMS.

Following this improvement pathway we’ve evaluated and refined SEO focusing on the marketing, creating and implementing tags and titles on the pages.

As a result, we generated not only a new desktop outlook but also a mobile version for the company. Behind it all, we brought better management of the site content by the collaborators and the SEO analysis improved their ranking on Google and a better positioning in the Petrochemical Industries market in the United States

Mobile-Home – 4.jpg
Mobile-Product Slider - position1.jpg
Mobile-Product by Product – List.jpg
Mobile-Product by Product – 3.jpg

Experience the new Plaza Group site Live.

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