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Nacional GO

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Way beyond vehicle transportation

Since 2010, with a bold and innovative vision, the company embarked on a journey to transform vehicle transportation in Brazil. Determined to break away from traditional methods, they integrated innovation into logistics and offered differentiated services that quickly became their trademark. Each experience shaped their culture, strengthened partnerships, and refined methodologies, incorporating advanced technologies to enhance the end consumer’s experience.

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Marked by an unwavering commitment to evolution and continuous improvement, the company is confident in their ability to redefine standards of excellence in vehicle transportation. Their story is one of relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, always prioritizing the needs and experiences of their clients.


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NacionalGo is an innovative platform designed to simplify vehicle transportation, and the next step is to create a dedicated website that maintains the visual legacy of the main company Nacional Transportes but operates independently.

With verified carriers and user ratings, Nacional GO aims to ensure reliable, safe, and transparent service, redefining the vehicle transportation experience while standing out as a distinct entity in the digital market.

The Challenge

The website needs to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to request transportation services easily. It will match user requests with available carriers, offering real-time monitoring via GPS, insurance options, and an integrated payment process.

Project goals

  • Visual Design Development: Creating a design that maintains the visual legacy of the main company, Nacional Transportes, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable appearance, but operates independently.

  • User Experience (UX) Design: Designing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for the website, facilitating users' requests for transportation services.

  • Feature Integration: Suggestion of features that allow users' requests to be matched with available carriers, integrating real-time GPS monitoring, insurance options, and a simple and efficient payment process.

The Solution

Design an user interface aiming the company mission statement of "Redefining the Transportation Experience: Reimagining the vehicle transportation experience", making it more modern and accessible, and highlighting NacionalGo as a distinct and innovative entity in the digital market.

The additional challenge of developing a new logo design and a comprehensive style guide for NacionalGo involved several key steps, emphasizing the brand design process

  • Brand Identity Research: Conducting thorough research to understand the core values, mission, and visual elements of the parent brand, Nacional Transportes, to ensure the new design reflects its legacy while establishing a distinct identity for NacionalGo.

  • Logo Design: Creating a new logo that balances the visual heritage of Nacional Transportes with a fresh and unique look for NacionalGo. This involved exploring various design concepts, iterations, and feedback loops to finalize a logo that resonates with both old and new brand elements.

  • Style Guide Development: Compiling a comprehensive style guide that outlines the visual language of NacionalGo. This includes color palettes, typography, iconography, and design principles that ensure consistency across all touchpoints, while clearly distinguishing NacionalGo from Nacional Transportes.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Working closely with stakeholders to align the new brand identity with business goals and market positioning. This involved presenting design proposals, incorporating feedback, and making revisions to achieve a cohesive and effective brand identity.

  • Implementation and Consistency: Ensuring the new logo and style guide are consistently applied across all digital and physical platforms, from the website to marketing materials, to create a unified brand experience that honors the legacy of Nacional Transportes while establishing NacionalGo as an innovative and independent entity.


In this project, I learned to balance maintaining the legacy of an established brand while creating a distinct identity for a new product. This involved developing a new logo and comprehensive style guide, designing a user-friendly interface with complex feature integration, and ensuring reliability and transparency through verified carriers and user ratings. Collaboration with stakeholders and adaptability in problem-solving were crucial, as was ensuring consistent branding across all platforms. This experience enhanced my skills in brand design, user-centric design, and effective communication.

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